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Going back to Asia and Australia for $875!

We’re back with another trip booking and insight into our booking process and thoughts! Our addiction with Asia and Australia brought us back across the Pacific this coming August. Europe was highly considered but there are not many flight deals or good redemptions to Europe at the moment so we decided to go west! Leg […]

Booked: Bali Business Class for $950

Overview: Beach bungalows, heavenly sunsets, warm weather, what’s not to like about Bali? Aside from Hawaii, I have yet to make it to the tropics. I had a couple friends who recently went to Bali and their pictures and stories were beyond dreamy. This immediately got me thinking about a Bali trip so the search […]

Booked: Dubai

The second installment of the “Booked:” series takes us to the Middle East! For me, Dubai has always been an attraction with all of the stunning architecture, beautiful landscapes, and plenty of great golf courses. Follow along as I walk you through this steal of a flight that secured my trip to Dubai!   The […]

Booked: Around the World for $1600

Welcome back to another installment of “Booked:” where we walk you through our booking process of flights to help you plan and prepare for your next international trip! I recently finished booking a 10 day trip around the world in the beginning of December. I had golf in mind along with revisiting Munich since I […]

Booked: Australia

Another international trip was recently added to the docket. Over Thanksgiving, I will be headed to Sydney, Australia for a week on American Airlines’ 787-9 Dreamliner. This deal came through a notification from Scott’s Cheap Flights which is a great resource for international travel junkies or your casual traveler looking for an occasional cheap international […]

Booked: Hawaii (Kona)

Welcome back! Today’s flight booking and trip planning is based on an upcoming trip to the big island of Hawaii! Hop on board and see how I did it! Hopefully you can pick up some good tips along the way.   The Flight: This flight booking was relatively straight forward and handed to me by […]