Bali Beach Golf Course

Bali Beach Golf Course


Welcome to the first of five reviews of the golf courses in Bali, Indonesia!

We start off with Bali Beach Golf Club. This nine hole course located near the capitol of Bali, Denpasar, is a convenient golf experience in Bali. The nine hole layout (with an option to play it twice for 18 holes), allows for shorter rounds to free up time to do other things while in Bali.

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Course Statistics:

  • Yardage: 6,500 yards
  • Tees: (R)-Rating / (S) Slope / Yards
  • Blue: (R) 36.5 / (S) 141 / 6,500
  • White: (R) 35.1 / (S) 137 / 6,116
  • Red: (R) 36.1 / (S) 134 / 5,400


Premium Club Hire

Location: 15/20

Accessibility: 8/10

Bali Beach Golf Club is the most accessible golf course on the island of Bali if you’re staying near the airport or near Denpasar. The area can get congested with traffic especially in the afternoon. From New Kuta and most of the major resorts, it can take 30-1hr min via car.

Course Views: 7/10

The course is the most urban of the five on Bali. There are limited views and the course is very narrow. There are plenty of trees lining the fairways and the perimeter of the course. Outside the course is the city of Denpasar and you’ll see views of local houses and shops.

Facilities: 23/30

Pro Shop: 4/5

The pro shop is in the main clubhouse and has a modern feel to it. There wasn’t much branded gear. The overall supply in the store was also on the lighter side.

Practice Facilities: 6/10

Bali Beach Golf Club has a full set of practice facilities. There is a small putting green out back and a short game area with a bunker to the left of that. The driving range only open at night when the course is closed. Balls available for purchase.

Restaurant: 5/5

The restaurant is also in the main clubhouse and has a full menu with more traditional Balinese dishes. Of all five courses, this restaurant is the cheapest but still had quality food.

Staff: 4/5

The caddy at Bali Beach Golf Club was decent. Some misreads on the greens but friendly and makes time trying to get to know you which is a fun interaction learning about the local culture.

Please make sure to tip your caddy.

Rentals/Golf Cart: 4/5

No golf carts, only push trolleys which are included in green fees. Rental clubs and shoes are available.

Fairways: 20/30

Fairway Condition: 6/10

The fairways at Bali Beach Golf Club were pretty matted down. The composition of grass was mostly crab grass. The grass was nicely trimmed and short but had occasional long frills of grass.

Rough Condition: 6/10

The rough was a matted down version of a longer cut fairway. Often hard to see when fairway ends and rough begins. The rough was also being watered in the middle of the afternoon making some areas wetter than others.

Sand Trap Condition: 8/10

The bunkers across the course were consistent and in good shape. The sand was a bit heavier in grain and played a bit thicker but nonetheless was still in good shape.

Greens: 7.5/15

Greens Conditions: 3.5/5

The greens were in decent condition across the nine greens. The grass was trimmed very tightly and rolled quick but had dirt patches throughout or poorly replaced cups. There were also plenty of ball marks on the green also that effected roll and consistency.

Fringe: 3/5

The fringe was a continuation of the fairway but cut a bit shorter. The course favored large landing areas around the greens.

Par 3's: 1/5

The sole par 3 was far from anything to write home about. No water feature or uniqueness to it which was unfortunate.

Value: 1/5

For the $75 USD I paid for the course, you’re better off spending your money going to Bukit Pandawa for a short round or pay full price and play Bali National for your golf outing while in Bali. The course conditions are average and the experience isn’t that memorable.

Scoring Recap:

Final Rating: 66.5/100

Bali Beach Golf Club is a convenient golf location for some who are staying in the Denpasar area. The nine holes also makes for a shorter round of golf if you have other things planned for the day in Bali. 

The conditions are average and the limit at nine holes is unfortunate. 

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