“The Match” – Take 2..and 3?

John Locher/Shutterstock

Announced a couple days ago, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will square off again in 2019 and 2020. This is very exciting news and a testament to these two golfers’ abilities to command the media and crowds.

The First “Match”

When we all first saw the news that Tiger and Phil were facing off, 1v1, we got chills. Was this reality? Are we dreaming? Nope. It was happening. And $9 million bucks was on the table.

“The Match” was highly anticipated, and despite the streaming problems (hope you got your money back…), it lived up to the hype. This was a great way to include non-golfers who have heard the competitors’ names before. It also satisfied the ‘golfoholics’ who have waited patiently for years. Perhaps one of the greatest rivalries in sports history, and the two of them still remain friends off the golf course. A great display of sportsmanship throughout both of their careers.

Can Two Other Golf Stars Take the Reins?

I’m not sure if we’re ready for an annual “Match” between two superstars yet. There are guys like DJ, Jordan, JT, Tony Finau, Rose, Webb, Henrik, Rory, Ricky, etc. who would all be great to watch 1v1. The problem is that there’s nobody else in the golf world right now who has a relationship like Tiger and Phil. Sure, JT, Jordan, Ricky, and Smiley all go to the Bahamas to chill and play around – but that’s because they’re actually friends. Tiger and Phil are competitors. They’ve battled for over 20 years in the same sport, Tiger taking home most of the bacon. But, they are still friendly enough to play a few rounds out of the tournament schedule. They’ll both be the first to admit their friendliness but will reiterate even more their drive to beat each other. Nobody else has this in golf.

I need to see two guys who over multiple seasons are playing tug-of-war and just dominate the field between themselves before I want another “Match”. There are so many great players in the field now that every weekend is exciting to watch. But nobody else is giving me the same excitement when they’re both in the top-5 going into Sunday other than Tiger and Phil. These are two golfing legends, and neither of them has solidified themselves as a legend yet.

“The Match” in 2019 and 2020

Overall, “The Match” was a great amount of fun and ended in dramatic fashion – exactly what we all hoped it would be. I’m glad that “The Match” is happening again and with Tiger and Phil. The golf community isn’t ready for another pair just yet. While both competitors are golf legends already solidified in the history books, what more do they need to do?

I loved “The Match” with a huge prize and single-hole bets just for fun. It was a way for Tiger and Phil to officially go head-to-head on a national stage. Why did they need to do it again though? This should have been left alone like a Good Will Hunting or Inception, not knowing what will happen next except what we all imagine in our heads.

I’m going to watch it still, no doubt there. But I feel this would have a better impact on the golf community if this were a one-and-done golf match.