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During my quick, 48 hour trip to Tokyo, I needed a place to call home. Landing at Narita International Airport, downtown Tokyo didn’t make the most sense to book at with my itinerary which included golf in Narita. I was able to find a good deal at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel which ended up working out just fine. 

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I used to find a great deal for two nights at this hotel. It came down to about $75 USD per night which was a steal in terms of pricing. I was also able to save a couple bucks using prior Expedia Rewards points. The hotel is part of IHG.

Price Confirmation

In the Narita area, there aren’t any luxury hotel chains. Most are your middle of the road hotels which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a matter of setting expectations and knowing what you’re going to get for the cheaper price. In general, all hotels in Narita are going for less than $100 a night.


The ANA Crowne Plaza Narita hotel is a 10-15 minute drive from Narita International airport. Half of the hotel overlooks the airport making it a great spot for plane spotting. The noise level with all the air traffic wasn’t too bad.

The hotel is easily accessible by rental car or by hotel shuttle which runs on this schedule. The hotel shuttle is free and is also a great resource to use to catch the train.

The main trains that connect Narita to Tokyo depart from Narita International Airport. Instead of taking and Uber or taxi to the airport, the free shuttle is clutch.

The hotel is 35 minutes outside Tokyo via train or about one hour via car. Train is probably the best way to go as it is cheap and quick. The train station connects to the subway stations as well.

The hotel is also nearby to downtown Narita if you plan on visiting the city. The hotel offers a free shuttle to the downtown area of Narita if you want to go sightseeing or grab some food.

Check In:

Check in was seamless from the front desk. Hotel staff speak pretty good English and are there to answer any questions you may have. There was no online or mobile check in available. I also didn’t see any premium status check in desk but then again, it was a small hotel.

The Room:

The room was quaint and had a retro feel to it. Upon walking in the door, you’re met with the bathroom on your left and the main room straight ahead.

The Room

The bed was low to the ground on a small bed frame but was soft with a good pillow selection.

Queen Bed

Next to the bed was a small desk and work area. Power outlets were in this area which worked out well for all the charging I had to do.


Extra chairs were also available in the room for lounging.

Room Chairs

The TV stand was located opposite the bed and also housed the mini-fridge, coffee, and tea selection.

TV and Mini Fridge
Drinks and Snacks
Mini Fridge

he bathroom was the most retro part of the room and brought me back to using the bathroom at my grandmother’s home.

The beige tiles and color palate kept it bland, but the bathroom offered everything you need including soap, towels, and additional toiletries like a comb, dental kit, and shaving kit.

The shower had good water pressure and plenty of soap for the stay.

The toilet was the most fascinating thing by far. Japan loves its bidets and shower toilets. This was my first encounter. I was worried at first but afterwards, found it to be a good experience and something I didn’t mind. I thought the water was going to be cold but in fact it was warm and didn’t make me jump off the toilet seat. The bidet and shower are light sensor controlled so don’t worry about it going off unexpectedly.


The hotel features three different restaurants. There are two on the top floor which overlooks the airport. One is a more fancy Teppan Yaki restaurant and the other is a more traditional Japanese restaurant. Both offer great options if you are looking to stay in house to have dinner. 

The other restaurant is a more casual dining experience in the lobby. They have a great breakfast buffet in the lobby was fantastic with a wide offering of traditional Japanese food as well as a mix of western options.

The hotel also has a fitness center, sauna, and indoor pool.

View from upper floors

WiFi was also pretty quick and complimentary with your stay.

WiFi Speed Test


In all, the ANA Crowne Plaza Narita Hotel does the job just fine. Is it luxury? No. But it offers a great room and on-site amenities including great food and convenient shuttles to help you get around. I spent 95% of my time in Narita outside my room so I think it was a great value for how my trip was built. The price is hard to bead and would definitely recommend if you’re looking to stay somewhere on a budget and don’t plan on spending your time in Narita in a hotel room.

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