Fuji Marriott Hotel Lake Yamanaka

Fuji Marriott Hotel Lake Yamanaka


After playing my round of golf at Taiheiyo Club Gotemba Course, I made it a point to stay in the area and experience Mt. Fuji. Staying consistent with the Marriott family and earning my points, I stayed at the Fuji Marriott Lake Yamanaka for a night.

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I booked this night through Marriott’s website. The one night stay in a Japanese Western Room with a resort view costed 31,584 JPY ($290 USD). This is just below the average rate which usually comes in around $310 USD.

Marriott Rewards Earnings

Being a gold member, I earn 25% bonus points on the 1:1 rewards I earn. I also earn an elite bonus per stay. In total, the 7,851 points equates to ~$71 USD in cash value.


This Marriott is located a bit out of the way, but in the heart of tourist country outside Mt. Fuji. The hotel is 73 miles from Haneda international airport via car and will usually take an hour and forty five minutes without traffic. You can also take the bus to Gotemba then a taxi to the hotel which will run closer to 3 hours if you chose not to rent a car. It’s not the most accessible Marriott but if it’s the area you’re in, you’ll make it.


Check In:

If driving, there is free parking around the back of the hotel. I was able to self-park and walk in. You can also have the bag handler unload your bags first then self-park.

Main Entrance

The lobby is clean and simple, in keeping with Japanese culture. Front desk staff were good with their English and there were no hiccups. Although I am Gold Elite, there was no talk of an upgrade and I didn’t receive one either. Aside from this, no issues with check-in.

The Room:

My room was a Western style room which included two twin beds and a traditional Japanese sitting area in the other half of the room. The beds were comfortable with two pillow options. I didn’t utilize the traditional sitting area.

The Room
Traditional Japanese Sitting Area

There was a sleek TV built into the wall and next to that was the mini fridge which happened to be empty.


There was a large closet space with robe and slippers.


There were also supplies to make your own tea or coffee. 

Coffee and Tea

The bathroom was interesting in design. You had a step up to get into the bathroom where you found your sink and extra toiletries.


There was a separate divider to get to the toilet which had a bidet and shower toilet if you chose to use it.


The other door led to a separate shower area. This one was a bit confusing. There was a tub if you wanted to take a bath but also a stool, bucket, and shower head. In Japan, bathing sitting down is traditional and this restroom was setup to shower that way if you wanted. Soap and conditioner were provided.

Shower and Bath


There was one restaurant, Grill & Dining G, onsite which offered breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals were served in a hybrid menu order/buffet style. Pricing was a bit steep but there was a good variety of food and it was convenient.

Main Restaurant - Picture Courtesy of Marriott

There were also two Japanese baths on site. One is indoors and the other is outdoors. Both are separate for men and women. These are available for use during scheduled times. Additionally, there are tennis courts and a small gym.

Indoor Bath - Picture Courtesy of Marriott
Outdoor Bath - Picture Courtesy of Marriott


The hotel was steeply priced because of the “Marriott” label. I don’t think it’s deserving of the price as the amenities were limited and room size was overall small including a small bathroom. There are other nice resorts in the area which may provide better value and experience.

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