Lufthansa A340-300 Economy Class – Frankfurt to San Diego

Lufthansa A340-300 Economy Class – Frankfurt to San Diego


To finish up my trip around the world, I took the long haul flight from Frankfurt to San Diego with Lufthansa. I had previously flown Business Class with Lufthansa from Newark to Frankfurt and you can check that out here. This was my first economy class experience with Lufthansa. 

Keep reading to see how it went!

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Flight Details:

  • Flight Number: LH466
  • Port of Origin: Frankfurt International Airport, Germany
  • Destination: San Diego, California
  • Flight Time: 11:12
  • Aircraft: Airbus A340-300


This flight was last flight of the seven that took me all the way around the world over ten days. I was able to book all 7 flights for $1,600!! Check out the full walkthrough and details of how I booked this journey here!


I started the trip in Munich with a quick connection flight to Frankfurt before going on the long flight. I had time to spare in Munich to visit the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge. Although I was economy class, I was able to visit via my United Club pass through the united mileage plus club card from Chase. This gets me access to Star Alliance partner lounges around the world.

Munich Lufthansa Business Lounge Entrance

Getting there around 6:30am, the lounge was already hopping with early morning business travelers. The lounge is just next to security in Terminal 2 and is easy to find with it’s large sign welcoming you into the lounge. After checking in at the desk, you head up the stairs.

The lounge is quite large once you get to it. After walking up the stairs, you’ll find the business center on your left and plenty of single seats and table to put your things. Nearly all seats have their own power source and some tables even had wireless charging pads.

Munich Lufthansa Business Lounge Interior

There was a large business work room/quiet area as well with plenty of power outlets.

Lounge Business Work Area

Once I found a seat, I went to get some food. There was a small area for hot food which included sausage, eggs, and beans. There were also cold food areas for cold cuts, cheese, yogurt, fruit, breads, and pastries. A very diverse food selection that was continually kept in full stock.

Hot Food

Beverage area included juices, water, liquors, wines, and multiple espresso machines.

Beverage Station

The food was quite good and the atmosphere, although busy in the morning, was quiet and a great place to get the day started.


After my quick connection flight landed from Munich, we waited on the tarmac for close to 20 minutes while another plane pushed back from our gate in Frankfurt. While this would be all fine and dandy, my flight began boarding as we were waiting on the tarmac.


After my heart began to pick up a few beats, we made our way to the gate. After de-boarding, I quickly made my way over to passport control to head to my gate. The passport control line was moving agonizingly slow and managed to push my way through most of the line since my plane was boarding. After making it through, I power-walked my way to my gate. Once I arrived at my gate, Z18, I took a meandering stairway all the way back down to the ground floor. I again had my passport check then I hopped on a bus to head to my plane.


It felt like we were getting a tour of the Frankfurt Airport as we drove for close to 5 minutes. Our plane was all the way in the boonies!

Plane Boarding Position at Frankfurt

We hopped off the bus and walked aboard. Higher rows boarded in the rear of the plane and first class, business class, premium economy, and lower economy rows boarded through the front entrance.

Lufthansa A340-300

I boarded through the forward entrance since I was in seat 18A.

Lufthansa A340-300 Forward Boarding

Before take off, we had to go through a de-icing process which was neat to watch up close.

De-Icinig the Wing

The Seat:

The A340-300 is laid out in a 2-4-2 design. I was seat 18A which is the second row of economy seats behind premium economy. While the seat looked nice, it was a bit firm with minimal lumbar support. Each seat has USB plug-ins and AC power plugs.

Economy Seat 18A

The flight was about half full so there were plenty of open premium economy and economy seats.

Economy Cabin
Premium Economy Seats

Waiting at my seat was a blanket and small pillow. Since I didn’t have anyone sitting next to me, I used my pillow as a low back support and the other to sleep with.

Leg room was decent. I had about 2-3 inches of knee room before I hit the seat ahead of me (I’m 6ft tall).

Seat back and Tray Table

The seatback is fairly simple in design. There is a small pulldown lever that acts as a cupholder which is convenient. Tray table is average size.

The entertainment screen is what I would call standard sized for economy. The screen definition was quite high and actually looked better than my business class screen on the 747-8. 

Seat recline button is next to the arm rest. Seat recline was average. Made for a doable place to sleep. Head rest adjustable vertically and the side supports were firm offering a good hold for your head.

Tray Table Cup Holder

The economy restroom on-board is small as expected. Things are tight but the restroom was kept clean and has your barebones amenities (hand soap).

Economy Restroom

Entertainment System:

The entertainment screen as described above, was average sized on the seatback. There was also a USB port and headphone jack located on the frame of the screen.


The screen is a touchscreen and there is no accompanying remote. The screen was very responsive.

Entertainment Screen

There were over 200 movies offered varying from Hollywood, Euro Cinema, World Cinema, and German Film.

Entertainment System Categories

Also included were over 300 TV shows with most shows offering 3 or more episodes.

A diverse selection of over 250 albums and 15 podcasts are also part of the Lufthansa Entertainment system.

Additional categories include meditation/relaxation, games, audiobooks, and sports.

TV Shows

Also, a cool feature is a wake-up function that notifies the crew to wake you up for things like meal service or shopping.

Notification Options
Flight Tracking

Meal Service:

Our first snack service came about one hour into the flight. A small bag of crackers and a beverage were offered.

Crackers and Juice Snack

About two hours into the flight, our first meal service was offered. The choices in economy were chicken with rice or lasagna. I chose the chicken.

Served on a single platter, my meal included a fresh salad with French dressing, a small serving of cheese, a roll with butter, chocolate cake, and the main course.

Economy Lunch Meal

The chicken dish was a combination of a white cream sauce with sautéed spinach and rice. The plate was overall very good. 

The sauce balanced out the drier chicken while the rice was well done. The salad was also good and fresh with a great French dressing. The chocolate cake was also delicious and very fluffy.

What was disappointing was the roll. It had a very hard, almost stale, exterior. It was difficult to chew and was not what I would have expected.

Economy Class Chicken Dish

At this point, I fell asleep. I’m not sure if another meal was served prior to arrival since I was sleeping. I’m also not entirely sure if the crew notification system for waking me for a meal worked since I wasn’t able to tell if a second meal was served.


The flight attendants were tremendous on the flight. I think because it was an emptier flight, the crew was a bit more relaxed. They were very accommodating to other flyers about switching seats.

Just after departure, we were given warm towels which were more like lukewarm wet napkins but I’ll take it.

Economy Class Warm Towel

In addressing the cabin temperature, I didn’t find this flight to be too warm. On my business class flight on the 747-8, the business class cabin was toasty and made for a rough sleeping experience. 

I felt the cabin temperature was perfect and I didn’t require the blanket, not did I need to take off my light jacket.

Wing View of Frankfurt


Lufthansa economy class is more than doable even on a long haul flight. The seat while on the firm side, was decent and comfortable enough to tolerate. 

The entertainment system is robust although the screen size is a tad small. The food I thought was good for the most part aside from some dry chicken and a firm bread roll.

The service was great on the flight and things ran smoothly with flight attendants that were very friendly and accommodating.

I think the flight is worth it if you’re looking to get from point A to point B. These flights can be pricey especially the FRA to SAN route so be sure to find those deals to secure this flight at a low price. My miles redemption worked out great at a cheap 35,000 points.

Have you flown Lufthansa long haul economy? How was your experience? Comment below!

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