Qatar Airways Economy Class A350-1000

Qatar Airways Economy Class A350-1000


Flight four of seven was on the top rated Qatar Airways. While I was bummed that I couldn’t find a good business class deal, I settled with economy class and was not disappointed. As you’ll read below, Qatar Airways lives up to the hype and I had a more than enjoyable flight from Singapore to Doha.

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Flight Details:

  • Flight Number: QR945
  • Port of Origin: Singapore Changi International Airport
  • Destination: Doha, Qatar
  • Flight Time: 7:50
  • Aircraft: Airbus A350-1000


This flight was the fourth of seven flights that took me all the way around the world over ten days. I was able to book all 7 flights for $1,600!! Check out the full walkthrough and details of how I booked this journey here!


I arrived four hours early to use my Priority Pass membership which I have through my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. My Priority Pass membership gets me into three lounges in Terminal 1 at Singapore International Airport. Check out my Singapore Lounge Challenge article to get the full breakdown on the SATS Premier Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge, and the Dnata Lounge.

Dnata Lounge


After arriving at the gate, we passed through security. Similar to most airports, laptops out of the bag and jackets off. Make sure to empty all water bottles but hold onto them! On the other side of security is a water fountain for you to top off your bottle before boarding the plane.

Boarding was done based off zone and priority status. I was Zone 4 and got on without much hassle.

After walking the skybridge I was greeted by a flight attendant and a stunning entry way with an ornate wallpaper and logo saying, “Qatar.” Once you see this, you know it’s going to be nice, no matter where you sit.

Economy Cabin

I was seat 17A which is the second row for economy and a window seat. Because row 16A is for small infants and includes a bassinet, I had to put my bag into the overhead compartment of the row behind me.

The Seat:

The A350 has a 3-3-3 Economy Class seating layout. At every seat was a pillow, blanket, headphones, and amenity kit. The layout is meticulously perfect and looks beautiful. As you’ll also see, the cabin is lit with a beautiful magenta color.

Economy Seat 17A

The seat itself is fairly comfortable with a decent amount of leg room. 6’ tall and I had a good couple inches of room between my knees and the seatback. Sitting in the window or middle seat also offers improved leg space as there is no foot divider under the seat offering more room to stretch out. There was also a good amount of recline making sleeping more than doable. The headrest is adjustable vertically and has supportive head supports on the side making sleeping easy.

17A Leg Room

There are also plenty of pockets in front of you for storing your laptop, tablet, phone, bottle, or anything else you need to get out of your bag or pockets before taking off.

17A Knee Room

Seat back plugs include an A/C power outlet and card-less payment reader. A USB plug is located under the entertainment screen.

Seat back Plug-ins

Tray table was standard and stable. It can also slide out closer to you.

Tray Table

The headphones were bare bones and would highly recommend using your own. It is nice that they do supply them in economy class.

Economy Class Headphones

Amenity kit included socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, earplugs, and an eye mask.

Economy Class Amenity Kit

Restrooms were decently sized. The restroom towards the middle of the aircraft was slightly larger and roomier. This one also offered a changing table for babies and infants. The bathroom was stocked and clean. There was even a small bottle of cologne.

Economy Restroom

Entertainment System:

The entertainment system supplied by Qatar Airways is called Oryx One. When you sit down, you are immediately greeted by a large, high definition touchscreen display. It really does look beautiful. The touchscreen is highly responsive with minimal lag time.

Economy Entertainment Screen

There is plenty of info regarding your flight including interactive flight map, on board cameras, emergency exits, and info about select destinations.

Flight Tracking
Vertical Stabilizer Camera

The entertainment tab offers a wide selection of movies, TV, music, and games.

In all, an immersive entertainment system to keep you occupied on your flight no matter the length.

Meal Service:

Meal options for the overnight flight were handed out approximately 30 minutes after takeoff. Options are listed below as you can see in the one-page menu. I will note that the quality of the paper was impressive.

Economy Class Menu

About one hour into the flight, we were offered our first beverage and meal service. This included options for a meat pie pastry and muffin or vegetarian pastry. I went with the meat pastry. The bread was delicious and fluffy. The minced meat inside was flavorful but not over the top good.

Economy Class Appetizer

Two hours before landing, breakfast was served. I chose the French toast. The berry compote and vanilla sauce was very good complementing the toast. The croissant was warm and fluffy. The yogurt and fruit were also fresh and delicious.

Economy Class French Toast Breakfast

All around, impressed with the economy meal and service. Much more than I’ve ever had on an economy flight and was more than fortifying.


This is where Qatar set itself apart. How often in economy class are you personally greeted by your flight attendant? Rare, if ever. Once I got to my seat, my flight attendant introduced herself and let me know that if I needed anything to make my flight better, she would be there to help. I was blown away. Never had I experienced anything like that before in my flying experience. Throughout the flight, my FA was continually checking in on me making sure I was comfortable.

Economy Refreshing Towel

This, along with the friendly staff at the check in counter and gate, made for an enjoyable and stress-free flying experience.

There were also little things like metal silverware, sturdy plasticware for stirring your coffee and tea, a beautifully ornate entry, and making sure the restrooms are clean that show why Qatar Airways is the best airline in the world according to Skytrax.

Early Morning Doha Wing Views


The hype around Qatar Airways is true. After only flying economy class, it is truly a magical and amazing experience on this world-class airline. As I walked on board, I was also tempted by all the infamous Q-Suites and I’m going to have to add that to the list. If economy was this good, I can only imagine what Business Class would be like. 

I would strongly recommend you add Qatar Airways Economy Class to your list of airlines to fly.

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