Singapore Airlines 777-300 Business Class

Singapore Airlines 777-300 Business Class


My first flight on Singapore Airlines was a last minute miracle. On my trip to Bali from Los Angeles, I was scheduled to fly on Eva Air until a last second strike resulted in my flight being cancelled. Thankfully, I was able to work around this and secured a new flight on Singapore Airlines in Business Class.

As bummed as I was to miss my Eva Air flight, I couldn’t help but be excited about flying the old and new Singapore Airlines Business Class.

Continue reading to see what the older Business Class cabin is like on Singapore Airlines’ 777-300.

Vietnam Coastline

Flight Details:

  • Flight Number: SQ827
  • Port of Origin: Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghi, China
  • Destination: Singapore
  • Flight Time: 4:36
  • Aircraft: Boeing 777-300


This flight came virtue of a last second switch through the Star Alliance.

I originally had redeemed 90,000 United MileagePlus Points to fly on Eva Air in Business class from Chicago to Taipei, to Bali.

Unfortunately, the Eva Air strike cancelled my flight and within 24 hours of departing, I contacted United and was placed on a new flight plan; Los Angeles to Shanghai on United, Shanghai to Singapore and Singapore to Bali on Singapore Airlines.

Thankfully, I was still able to fly business class on United and Singapore Airlines. I can’t thank United enough for helping to coordinate this last second switch.


I started my morining at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

The only lounge available for use is the Air China Lounge. This lounge houses all airlines that fly out of Terminal 2 including Singapore Airlines. 

The lounge is located on the 4th floor shortly after the security checkpoint. There are two floors to the lounge with the first floor only housing seating and a small bar. Taking the escalator to the second floor is where there is the main dining area, restrooms, and showers. 


China Airlines Lounge


The lounge has a ton of seating and even when it got crowded in the late morning, there was still plenty of room.  

 The dining area had a full array of hot and cold options for breakfast. There were plenty of hot plates with traditional Chinese dishes, eggs, noodles, amongst other items. The cold breakfast included cereal, fruit, yogurt, and bread.  

Drinks included an espresso machine, soft drinks, juices, and water. There was also a variety of wines to chose from. 

 There are a few showers available near the restrooms. The wifi was difficult to log into as it did not accept my phone number for SMS verification. 

The lounge was a good offering and a nice way to start the morning. 


Singapore Airlines 777-300

I made my way to D63 to board my Boeing 777-300 to Singapore. There are two boarding gates, one for first and business class and the other for premium economy and economy. The standard boarding lane had multiple groups which correlates with your booking class. Only my boarding pass was required and I made my way on board. 

The Seat:

The 777-300 that I took to Singapore had the older business class layout which is a 2-2-2 configuration. My seat was 14A which is a forward business class cabin window seat.  

First thing you notice when getting to the seat is how wide it is. Comparing to United Airlines, the seat feels like a kings chair! Plenty of room to spread out and plenty of leg room in front of you. 

Business Class Seat

The seat does lie flat but does not have an ottoman that the seat connects to. Instead, there is a cutout underneath the seat back in front where your feet and legs end up. The seat was very comfy with plenty of cushioning. When sitting, there is an adjustable foot rest to kick back and relax.

The seat back has a large TV screen that has no touchscreen functionality. It is also a low definition screen and quite outdated. Below that, there are two small storage cubbies. In the middle of the seat back you’ll find your noise cancelling headphones and assorted magazines along with a water-bottle holder. 

Business Class Seat back

The center console includes a cup holder and two smaller storage bins directly below. The tray table comes out of the middle after lifting a small flap. The table has a tilt feature which really helped when using my laptop. Directly next to the seat there is a storage pocket for your laptop or tablet. Headphone jack is located next to your head along with a reading light. 

The seat amenities for this morning flight included a blanket, pillow, socks, and slippers.

On the left, there is the entertainment remote which is the only way to control the entertainment system and under another flap in the armrest are the seat controls. 

Seat Control

Headphones are included and are noise cancelling. They are very comfortable and have a great sound to them.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

The restroom was on the smaller side but had plenty of lotions, soaps, and mouthwash to keep you refreshed on your flight.

Business Class Restroom

Entertainment System:

The entertainment system on board is certainly outdated. Not only is the screen in low definition, but it is not a touchscreen.  

The interface itself is intuitive and simple. The content is fairly limited as well. There were a handful of recent Hollywood releases and other films I hadn’t heard of. The TV selection was extremely limited with only 2-4 episodes being included per show which was disappointing. Additionally, there were decent selections for music, radio, and games. The flight map was also a disappointing 2D low definition screen similar to playing on the N64 back in the day. 

Entertainment Screen

Meal Service:

The menu is shown below for this quick 4-and-a-half-hour flight. There are two breakfast options, a sleeper breakfast and a standard breakfast. The sleeper option gives you the flexibility to have it whenever you’d like if you plan on sleeping for a portion of the flight. 

I chose the standard breakfast option with the stir fried beef. 

First out was the fresh fruit and bread. The fruit was jucy and ripe and the croisccent I went with was still warm. An excellent way to start and great presentation. 

Breakfast Starter

After my fruit, my appetizer came which was cereal. Hard to go wrong here and everything tasted as expected.

Breakfast Cereal

Next came the main dish of stir fried beef. The noodles were al dente and the beef was tender. The sauce was tangy and a 4/10 on the spicy scale. A very rich breakfast and overall, very impressed with the meal service. 

Main Course


The level of attention provided by the flight attendants was just what I expected. Big smiles, very professional, and courteous. Upon boarding I was greeted with a big smile and helped to my seat. Pre-flight beverages were handed out along with a hot towel. Another drink service was provided just prior to breakfast being served. 

Pre-Flight Champagne

Throughout the flight, flight attendants were very attentive and always checking on you, but not in a verbal bothersome way. They always felt accessible if you needed them.  

Pre-Flight Warm Towel


In all, I was very impressed with Singapore Airlines 777-300 business class product. While the hard product is outdated, it still made for a very comfortable ride. The seat still had a regal feeling to it but the entertainment system was a bit of a let down. The food and flight attendants were top notch and certainly a reason to come back to Singapore airlines. 

As you’ll see in our next review, we look at the updated Business Class product on board the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. Make sure to stay tuned!

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