Singapore Airlines 787-10 Business Class

Singapore Airlines 787-10 Business Class


To complete my trip to Bali from Los Angeles, I had a layover in Singapore after coming from Shanghai. My flight from Shanghai was on Singapore Airlines in their older, 777-300 Business Class Cabin. While this was still a great flight, I was excited to see how the updated Business Class cabin was.

Fortunately, I was able to fly on the new 787-10 Dreamliner which featured the updated Business Class cabin. Is the hype around the cabin justified? Keep reading to see what it is like!

Laguna National Golf Club, Singapore

Flight Details:

  • Flight Number: SQ946
  • Port of Origin: Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore (SIN)
  • Destination: Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar, Bali (DPS)
  • Flight Time: 2:19
  • Aircraft: Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner


This flight was the final flight of my three-part trip from Los Angeles to Bali. Originally, I was booked on Eva Air in Business Class after redeeming 90,000 United MileagePlus Points but Eva Air went on strike just before the flight resulting in it being cancelled.

Thankfully, United worked to put me on an alternate itinerary that ended up in me flying on United Airlines from Los Angeles to Shanghai then on Singapore Airlines from Shanghai to Singapore, and Singapore to Bali. Both the Singapore Airlines flights were in Business Class.


The Singapore Changi International Airport is probably one of my favorite airports. The attention to detail and liveliness of the airport makes for a relaxing and rejuvenating layover. 

There are plenty of lounges at Singapore Changi International Airport. I already crossed off the three Priority Pass lounges available and you can check out that full review here. 

One of the perks of Business class on Singapore Airlines is that I was able to try out the KrisFlyer Business Class Lounge in Terminal 2. 

Upon entering, you’ll see two distinct areas to the lounge, food and seating. 

The food area to the left had a wide variety of food from all over. Pasta, Filipino cuisine, Chinese, American…you name it, it’s probably in one of the hot plates. Unlike in Shanghai, the tops to the hot plates are closed regularly keeping the food warm. There is also a back wall of colder dishes and some assorted pastries for the sweet tooth. There is also a large beverage area full of juices, soft drinks, wine, champagne, liquor, coffee, and tea. 

To the right of the entrance is the seating area. This area is large with mostly single seats but some are grouped in 4’s for small groups. Even when the lounge got busier, it was still relatively quiet. Gate announcements are made overhead. 

Also near the food area are the restrooms and showers. The showers are located in each restroom instead of being shared.  


Singapore Airlines 787-10 Business Class Cabin

After the lounge I made my way to gate F58 for boarding. Singapore does security just before the gate so remember, if you have any water bottles or liquids, you have to dump them before boarding! Keep the bottle because each gate has it’s own water fountain past security where you can refill. 

Singapore Airlines 787-10 Business Class Cabin

The Seat:

From what you see above, Singapore Airlines features the highly competitive, 1-2-1 reverse herringbone layout that has seemingly become the new standard for international business class. 

My seat was 18K which is a window seat but has the seat against the aisle instead of the console. Odd number seats will have the seat against the window which most prefer. Although it’s what I normally prefer, I was pleasantly surprised. The seat itself is very comfortable with just enough padding. It’s certainly newer and isn’t as broken in as the 777-300 but is more than acceptable. The headrest is adjustable.  

Business Class Seat 18K

When you take a seat, you for one, notice the beautiful entertainment screen in front of you, but also the privacy shield on the left (or right). This makes a surprising difference in the added feel of privacy and coziness to the seat that I certainly love. It also has a nice quilted felt fabric adding a luxury feel to the seat. Also there are the reading light controls. 

Moving on to the rest of the seat, you’ll note a decently sized ottoman/footwell below the entertainment screen and a small footrest below that. 

Ottoman and Footwell

Towards the window, you’ll see a magazine holder near the feet which can double as a laptop/tablet holder.

Magazine Sleeve

Now onto the bulk of the seat console. First, the remote, which can click out, operates as another way to control the entertainment system. It’s almost the size of a Sony PSP. Above that, you will see a black bar. This black bar is a touch sensitive bar that control seat function as well as lighting and crew notification. If it’s blacked out, simply tap it to illuminate the buttons and tap away! Next to that is the headphone jack.

Seat Controls and Entertainment Remote

Moving our way up, you have a small cubby which houses the AC power port, two USB ports, tap to pay credit card reader, and your noise cancelling headphones. This acts as a great storage area for smaller things like your passport or phone during flight. Tucked away in there is the menu for the flight. 

Seat Cubby

Just next to the cubby is a slide out mirror.

Seat Mirror

The tray table slides out from under the entertainment screen. It has a great look to it and is sturdy and large enough to get work done or eat.

Tray Table

The short two hour flight included a pillow and blanket. The pillow had great volume and a comfortable fabric.

Pillow and Blanket

Lastly, the seats have a nice built in step to reach the overhead bins.

Built in Step

I didn’t utilize the lie flat function of the seat on the short flight but based on the size of the seat and ottoman, it would be a comfortable experience. Additionally, I didn’t use the restroom but would expect it to be similar to other Dreamliner restrooms.

Entertainment System:

The entertainment system on the updated cabin is a huge upgrade. Singapore Airlines knocked this one out of the park. 

 First you’ll notice the large (inches) entertainment screen with touchscreen functionality and HD viewing. The menus are intuitive and very responsive switching between movies, TV, music, and your flight information. 

Entertainment Screen

In the movies selection, you’ll see one of the most up to date selections of Hollywood and international films in the industry. The vast array of films will keep you occupied on the 2 hour flight to Bali or the 16 hour flight to Newark.  

What I find most impressive is the TV section. Singapore Airlines has over 50 TV shows with at least one complete season in their database. I believe this is a true sign of strength in an entertainment system and Singapore is fully demonstrating that. Along with the full seasons, there are over 200 different TV shows on board. 

Additionally, you’ll find music, podcasts, ebooks, and other small articles in the system. The flight map is also gorgeous. 

Meal Service:

The menu is shown below for this quick two and a half hour flight.

 For the short 2 hour flight, there were two dinner options which turned into a bit of a medley. I was given the gravadlax with cucumber salad and citrus dressing which was my second choice but ended up tasting pretty good. There were some roasted tomatoes in it which gave it an excellent flavor. The dessert paired with this salad was the cappuccino mousse cake which was my first choice and boy, was it tasty. Very rich and moist and all around excellent. 

Dinner Appetizer


I then had a choice of my main dish and while I intended to select the pan fried chicken, when I asked for the chicken I ended up with the braised chicken with egg noodles and vegetables. I blame myself for not being more specific but I was still impressed. The chicken was tender and well done. The noodles were a tad overdone but really barely noticeable. In all, it was an excellent dinner course for the 2 hour flight. The Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc wine was absolutely fantastic as well. 

Braised Chicken and Egg Noodles


Similar to my first Singapore Airlines flight, the staff were very attentive and welcoming. Everything was done with a smile on their face and seeming genuine engagement and concern. This is a reassuring thing when flying and something refreshing.  

Preflight beverages and hot towels were distributed and then beverage service began prior to the meal service. 


The new Business Class cabin on Singapore Airlines is a home run. I think they did a great job updating the seats and offering a competitive hard product. To top it off, the food and service continues to prove why they are a Top 5 International airline.

I think it would be well worth the money to fly Business class on a 2 hour or 16 hour flight with the amazing service and seat.

Share your experience below! We’d love to hear if you had a similar or different experience!

Sunset Wing View

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