Singapore International Airport Priority Pass Lounge Challenge

Singapore International Airport Priority Pass Lounge Challenge


The Singapore Changi International Airport is one of the largest in the world. It took home it’s sixth consecutive award of “Worlds Best Airport” as rated by Skytrax and boasts four terminals that handled 62 million passengers in 2017.

With all of this traffic and accolades (557 to be exact), it has to house some fantastic lounges.

Thankfully, Priority Pass grants you entry into a handful of these lounges in each terminal. I have my Priority Pass membership through my Chase Sapphire Reserve card and I love it.

On my recent trip through Singapore, I flew out of Terminal 1 and decided to try out the three major lounges Priority Pass gets you entry into: 

Dnata Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge, and SATS Premier Lounge.

Lets see how they compete and which is best!

Dnata Lounge:

My first lounge of the challenge is the Dnata Lounge. The lounge was fairly easy to access using airport signage as well as instructions from the Priority Pass App.

Dnata Lounge Sign

Upon entering, the first thing you notice is how much seating there is. There’s TONS! There are also multiple settings in the lounge from tables and chairs to hightop tables to lounge chairs and small coffee tables. There are also small group setups for groups of four to socialize in the lounge.

Next, the food. The lounge was well stocked with plenty of hot and cold options spanning a diverse cultural pallet. There was more traditional oriental food along with pasta, chicken, soup, cheese, meats, pastries, and fruits. The food was kept full and was diligently monitored by staff.

There were also two large beverage areas in the lounge. Both were well equipped with an espresso machine, liquor, wine, champagne, soft drinks, juices, and water.

Dnata Lounge Beverages
Dnata Lounge Refrigerator

In all, a very solid lounge to start out. I really enjoyed how roomy and spacious the lounge was along with its wide variety of food and drinks available. I did not find the lounge too loud or crowded.

Plaza Premium Lounge:

The next lounge on the list was the Plaza Premium Lounge. Again, the lounge was easy to access using airport signage and the Priority Pass App.

Plaza Premium Lounge Entrance

Upon entering the lounge, you’ll notice the lounge is much smaller and more cozy than the Dnata Lounge. There is not as much seating as the Dnata Lounge but there are more individual seating areas and private areas to sit in. 

The food was a real letdown at the Plaza Premium Lounge. Maybe it was the time of day (midnight), but the options were bleak with a small cold food selection and some warm soups. There appeared to be a large grill area where I would guess there are more hot foods or a chef making custom dishes but it was unfortunately closed.

There were also plenty of available beverages however, the alcoholic beverages are kept behind the bar and are only available between 6am and midnight.

The Plaza Premium Lounge was a disappointment after the Dnata Lounge. Seating was limited but there were many more private options for seating which was a plus. The late night food options were a big let down and negative for this lounge during the late night hours.

SATS Premier Lounge:

The final lounge was the SATS Premier Lounge. This one was again easy to locate as it is near other major lounges including British Airways, Qantas, and Thai Airways.

SATS Lounge Sign

The first thing you’ll notice is the lounges’ open feel and wide array of seating options. There are smaller chairs and tables both in group and individual settings, massage chairs, lounge chairs, and individual pods. Comparable seating arrangement to the Dnata Lounge.

The food options were also decent including plenty of warm options including pasta, curry, amongst others. There was a small selection of cold dishes and fruits.

The beverage station had all the basics but was limited with its liquor and wine selection compared to the Dnata Lounge.

The SATS Premier Lounge is another great option with plenty of seating in all sorts of arrangements, a quality array of food choices, but limited beverage and alcoholic options.


All three lounges offer tremendous value to the customer not flying business or first class that is otherwise stranded without lounge access. In the spirit of competition, I will rank the lounges below with pros and cons to each.

1. Dnata Lounge

Pros: Excellent seating choices, plenty of food options, great drink offerings

Cons: Can be louder, no private seating

2. SATS Premier Lounge

Pros: Plenty of seating including private seating options, good food setup

Cons: Limited drink options, can feel empty at times

3. Plaza Premium Lounge

Pros: Large amount of private seating options, very quiet

Cons: Limited late night food selection, no late night alcoholic beverage service, small lounge

What are your thoughts? Did you have similar experiences? Comment below!

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